Why Try Intravenous Therapy?









Here at Pacific Naturopathic, we’ve had tremendous success over the years using IV nutrient therapy to help our clients achieve greater overall health, and freedom from many physical ailments. We would be delighted to discuss how an individualized intravenous therapy program can help you achieve your health goals.

Energy and health are your birthright. Nature’s healing nutrients, introduced intravenously, can speed you on the way to full vitality.

What Is IV Nutrient Therapy?

Nutritional IV therapy supplies essential vitamins, minerals, special herbal preparations, and medicinal substances safely and rapidly to promote normal body function and help resolve chronic and acute illnesses. 

  • Even if you are healthy, IV administration of vitamins and minerals specific to your needs is an extremely effective way to boost your nutritional status and prevent illness.
  • Prevention is especially important when flu and other viruses are present in the environment, and before and during stressful situations. For example, we recommend a simple, easily administered Myers cocktail before and after an airplane flight, since the recirculated air in passenger jet cabins is known to be loaded with immune system challenges.
  • Students have discovered that a Myers cocktail improves mental clarity and physical stamina when studying for exams.
  • Business people, physicians, musicians, and folks from all walks of life have consulted us for IV therapy to improve their clear-headedness, stamina, and prevent and treat acute and chronic illness.

This is not magic – just the simple elegance of IV nutrition.

How does it work?

When vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are infused intravenously (IV), they gain immediate access to your cells.

This means they aren’t subject to the poor absorption and resulting loss of potency that commonly happens when the same nutrients are taken orally. 

Administering therapeutic levels of specific nutrients makes IV nutrient treatment a powerful, extremely effective clinical tool for many human health concerns.

Who Has Been Helped by IV Therapy?

IV therapy has helped our patients with poor nutrition, chronic stress, improper sleep patterns, and lack of physical activity; all of which contribute to premature aging, loss of skin elasticity, weight gain, abdominal fat, anxiety/depression, digestive disorders, skin problems, fatigue, and a host of chronic and acute illnesses. Moreover, IV nutrition therapy helps address these and other conditions safely and rapidly.

Interested? Have questions?

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Brief Testimonials

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“I chose to receive IV Vitamin C at Pacific Naturopathic with Dr. Marcel after surgery for breast cancer. His expertise in the field of cancer is extensive, and the administering of IV Vitamin C is executed with calmness, kindness, and ease. Along with dietary changes, these treatments are a key part of my post-cancer lifestyle. I have currently had over 40 infusions and feel wonderfully energetic after each session.” – Kristy N.

“My health had hit an all-time low, with adrenal fatigue and accompanying severe anxiety, extreme fatigue, joint pain, and headaches due to a high-stress lifestyle and lack of good diet and nutrition…. I had my first consultation and vitamin IV at Pacific Naturopathic, and little did I know it was the first step toward regaining my health and well-being.” – Christine B.

“I have been receiving IV Vitamin C at Pacific Naturopathic for almost a year as a supportive cancer therapy…. I have tolerated the infusions very well and have experienced no after-effects other than improved lab markers. I would recommend Pacific Naturopathic to anyone looking to receive IV therapy.  – Leslie V.

“The I.V. center at Pacific Naturopathic has become a very important component of my adjunctive cancer protocol…. My oncologist was amazed to see me in her office for a follow-up just eight days after the surgery, looking ‘like a million bucks,’ in her words…. I have since been continuing with regular vitamin C infusions, and have a lot more energy than I did before the surgery. I hope that someday this type of experience will be the ‘standard of care’ for all cancer patients.” – Lynne W.

“Pacific Naturopathic is the best. Their level of knowledge and service is very high. The staff are always very courteous and accommodating with my wildy hectic schedule.” – Mike F.

“The infusions have been very helpful to make the chemotherapy more effective. Beyond that they have helped me get my white blood cell counts back to normal after the conclusion of chemo. Dr. Marcel in particular is always very helpful with much wise advice for handling the side-effects of chemo and for other aspects of the cancer treatments. The center has a calm atmosphere, and it is relaxing to come for the infusions.” – Silke W.

“It was always a pleasure to visit the clinic. I felt welcomed and well cared-for, not only with regard to my physical well-being but as a person. I looked forward to having time and space to rest, connect with other patients, and discuss my questions with the doctors. I am very grateful to Marcel and Connie for manifesting their vision to help those with cancer in such a holistic way.” – Noëlle D.